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This small sized board was designed for smaller MIDI setups, like single MIDI keyboards with advanced features. Connects directly to one 5-octave keyboard accompanied by 8 analog inputs, and can be expanded by more scanners of any kind. So depending on chosen scanner boards it can create MIDI instrument with up to 320 keys in 5 keyboards plus 72 potentiometers. It can be used as MIDI controller for small sized VTPO (Virtual Pipe Organ) like Hauptwerk, Grand Orgue, MidiTzer and others, where multiple keyboards, stops, pistons and other controls are much appreciated


  • 64 inputs for common bus 5-octave keyboard or any kind of contact switches
  • 8 analog inputs for potentiometers, voltages, expression pedals, mod wheels
  • 7 user configurable special function switches
  • 2 scanner inputs for connecting keyboards or potentiometers scanner
  • MIDI input for merging external MIDI stream, or to control LEDs and LCDs via MIDI,
  • user defined split point independent for each keyboard
  • user defined key range independent for each keyboard/split
  • user defined independent MIDI channel for each keyboard/split and analog input
  • user defined independent MIDI event type for each keyboard/split and analog input
  • Program Change via numeric keypad
  • all settings stored in nonvolatile memory
  • firmware upgradeable via MIDI SysEx file
  • requires 5-20V DC power supply, current consumption widely depending on number and type of scanners used
  • small size
  • more marketing talk

The board shown above has 6 connectors for ribbon cables. 4 bigger connectors are for keyboard contacts, or any kind of non-powered normally-open switches. The are also 2 smaller ones, with 10 pins, one of them contains 8 analog inputs, and also +5V and GND to use as top and bottom rails of all potentiometers. The other one holds 7 switch type inputs plus one EDIT pin for entering user config mode. Each of the switch and analog type inputs are individually configurable in terms of MIDI channel and event. They may also serve as transposition or channel controls. 2 small 4-way connectors are for optional for scanners, adding another 256 contacts and 64 analog inputs, as well as LCD modules, or LED controllers. And of course DIN MIDI input and output.
With additional scanners the system can be expanded to have several keyboards, more analog inputs, and 2-line character display. It's only a matter of plugging selected type of scanner. There can be 2 chains of keyboard scanners, and 1 chain of potentiometer scanners (up to 64 pot inputs total).

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