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When MIDIfying an old equipment, it is sometimes better to leave existing wiring as they were, and just cut old circuit boards. To simplify reconnection of old contact wires to MIDI scanner, you may now use the WIPLUG adapter. The wires go to typical screw terminals, but to make installation easier, the terminals are removable (see the picture) in chunks of 4. This way you can secure wires to the plug first in more convenient location, and then plug it into the board. And then connect WIPLUG with any scanner like BBS-1K, BBSP or whatever other board using 16-way pin headers.

One WIPLUG is good for up to 32 wires, so in case of using it with BBS-1K you need 2 of them to cover full keyboard. No cables included, you have to make them or source them locally.

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