ordering info 
To place an order, you have to know first what you want to build. Most of the MIDI boards available here are building blocks, that can be used to create various size instrments. There's no single solution to MIDIfying for example an old organ. It all depends on how the switches are made, what is inside, and what you want to keep from original instrument functionality. There's a lot more options when you make an instrument from scratch, such as knob box to control VST instrument, or multi-keyboard console for church organ.
If you're not sure what boards will do the job for you, or you can't find suitable controller, please send an email. If you have an interesting idea about MIDI controller, and if it seams doable, you can get custom board too. Custom features will be added at no charge if they are cool enough to be included as a standard.
Ordering can be described in following steps:
  1. if you are not sure what boards are best for your project, send me an email, explaining what functionality you need, or what you want to MIDIfy, so I could propose a set of boards to you. If you know exactly what you need, proceed to next step
  2. find what you need in PRODUCTS sectrion of this website, and fill the cart.
  3. at checkout enter your shipping information, select one of the 3 payment options, and one of 2 shipping options.
Payment options are as follows:

Make the payment from your local bank to the details displayed after you finish on-line order. Use order ID in payment description to identify your payment. The order ID will be displayed together with bank details after finishing order.

VISA, MasterCard credit card payments are available via secure gateway. If this option is chosen at checkout, you will be redirected to secure website for payment processing, where you enter your card details Sometimes payments may be refused because of international restrictions in the bank that issues your credit card, so please check it if you're not sure.
If this option is selected at checkout, you'll be redirected to PayPal login page with order ID and amount already entered, so all you need to do is to authenticate yourself and confirm the payment. Click the PayPal logo on the left for more info

After receiving payment, your order is shipped either via registered priority mail, UPS or EMS courier. Selection is made at checkout. Shipping cost is also calculated at checkout from 2 to 15EUR for priority mail, and from 16 to 100EUR for others, depending on the courier and destination.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of MIDI-hardware webstore.