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This simple colorful 2 line display is a little helper finding its place in any MIDI setup equipped with one of the master controllers like MRG2, MBBS or MIDI128. It may be used as user settings indicator, MIDI monitor, or Hauptwerk display. Auxiliary switch input and LED output may be useful when building stop labels with Hauptwerk.


  • 2 line of 16 characters
  • multi color backlit
  • displays Hauptwerk text messages when plugged to MRG2 or MIDI128 or MBBS
  • input for a switch, can be used as additional on/off controller like stop/rank/register
  • output to drive a LED, may be configured to respond to incoming MIDI notes
  • MIDI monitor for displaying MIDI events generated internally and also incoming MIDI in controllers with MIDI IN
  • clear indication of the state during user setup
  • daisy-chain input
  • usable with MRG2, MBBS, MIDI128, MPOT32
  • includes cable to master controller
  • dimensions 85x30mm (3.3'' × 1.2'')
  • more marketing talk

The unit is just as big as the display itself - 85x30mm. Control electronics is on the back with 2 scanner 4-way connectors, 2 pads for soldering external switch and 2 pads for soldering a LED or external draknob driver.
Typical color scheme for the display is:
  • green - normal operation, playing notes etc.
  • red - MIDI monitor is ON, showing all MIDI activity
  • cyan/light blue - setup procedure in progres
  • white - internal switch turned to ON position
  • blue - internal switch turned OFF

Please go to Tutorial section to see how MiDisp interacts with the user during setup procedures.

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