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The telephone-like keypad has actually 4 different uses:

  1. to make the settings easier. It connects to any available scanner input in the system, and works like typical keyboard scanner, meaning it plays notes when not in edit mode. All MIDI setup possible in MIDI boards available in this website is based on numbers. The manual describes all possible settings as sequences of digits that user has to enter. Although it is possible to do it with 10 lowest keys of any keyboard connected, it becomes much more easier when this little black keypad is available. Button "#" works the same like the EDIT button connected to 2-pin header present in MRG2, MRG3 and MIDI128 boards, or last input of MBBS controller.
  2. all 10 numbers can be used as notes, or whatever else is assigned to them, like 10 Program Change numbers (with event 129), or MIDI channel selector (event 136) and many more. Whatever is assigned, EDIT function of the Keypad is available at all times
  3. in value mode you can directly dial any number between 0 and 127 of selected MIDI event. So if it's CC, you only need to dial the value of the CC and it will go via MIDI OUT. To turn into value mode, enter the * button. It needs to be done only once, all subsequent usages assume the keypad is in value mode. To go back to normal note mode, dial #0. This is available since version 8.0
  4. at the back of it there are 3 pads for soldering rotary encoder, simetimes called endless potentiometer. It is treated as additional potentiometer in the system, and can be set to all events available for other inputs, for example you can make this way nice Program Change dial.

As any other scanner board, this one cannot work just by itself, but it needs one of the master controllers to operate.


  • 10 numbered buttons playing notes when not in EDIT mode
  • enter MIDI parameter value by numbers in the "value mode"
  • input for one rotary encoder
  • simplifies user MIDI setting
  • usable with MRG2, MBBS, MIDI128, MPOT32
  • includes cable to master controller
  • more marketing talk

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