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BBSP is mixed kind of scanner especially designed for pedal controls in organ consoles. You can connect keys and potentiometers with just one board, and only one cable connected to master controller. Keys must have one pole of each contact connected to ground. Keyboard is connected using twor 16-pin IDCs. One connector covers 16 keys.
The red connector is for potentiometers. It alows easy connection to 4 potentiometers, with 3 separate wires going to each of them. It can work with plain potentiometers, or voltages in range 0-5V. You may use dedicated cable with a plug to easy access those inputs or you can make your own cable by attaching 12-pin MicroMatch IDC plug on ribbon cable. Part number for the plug is 1-215083-2

As any other scanner board, this one cannot work just by itself, but it needs one of the master controllers to operate.


  • scans 32 contacts, 1 wire per key
  • inputs for 4 potentiometers, or voltages, useful for swell pedals
  • usable with MRG2, MBBS, MIDI128, MPOT32
  • includes cable to master controller
  • chain input to connect another scanner
  • dimensions: 55x42mm

Here is connection diagram for contacts:

And here for the potentiometers on the red connector:

Pin 1 is at the side with a hole in PCB, for polarizing key of the plug. It's also the red wire of PotsTail.

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