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To make your life easier, here's premade cable matching analog inputs connector in PDS and BBSP boards. The cable for BBSP is coloured ribbon cable (easy splittable), 30cm long, ideal for soldering potentiometers or voltage sources. At one end there's 5-way plug, matching analog inputs header on BBSP. The cable for PDS is 12-wire ribbon cable with red MicroMatch plug at one end.
The cables are of limited length, because that's the recommendation for unshielded wires going to analog inputs. It may be longer if source (pot) resistance is less than 20k. In all other cases it is strongly recommended to use this tail only as help to attach shielded cable of your prefered length. Typical microphone cable is perfect for this, using shield as ground connector, one of the inner wires as pot's top end, and the other one as pot's wiper. However PDS inputs are more immune than BBSP to interferences, so less likely to cause spurious MIDI messages, especially at unconnected inputs.

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