Please take a moment to see how MIDI boards available at this site were used by people all over the world to create interesting, sometimes beautifull and amazing instruments. Sorted by name.
Zenon Adamek, Poland

Krzysztof Burnatowski, Poland

Stephan Blaurock, Germany

Daniel Cote, Canada z3sound.com

Robert, USA
trial setup

Jac Duysters, Holland
click the image to download short movie

Rick Holt, UK aka Frequency Central

Wim Eradus, Netherlands

Lukas Ijmker, Netherlands

Pieter Ilmer, Netherlands

Nathanael Iversen, USA

John Kennedy, USA aka PulpLogic, see video of using MIDImplant

Ian Kruizenga., Canada aka Classical MIDI Organs

Ross Miller, USA

Randel Osborne, USA Rhodes Chroma ENABLER

Jan Barend den Ouden, Netherlands

Bernard Passagez, France, studio-bernard.fr

Patrice Perruchon, France

Mike Peterson, USA

Jean Christophe Rance, France
Read detailed construction blog in French

Chris Ricci, Canada

Al Schick, USA used with other brand's MIDI controllers

Erik De Schrijver, Belgium

Jeff Rodman, USA

that's not him playing in this picture, of course

Sebastian Schünemann, Germany aka tecpuls.com

John Spencer, Canada

Sven Stagge, Germany

Jozef Timulak, Slovakia

Herve Voisin, France
notice how clever pedal movement is tranfered to a slider pot

Pascal Verdert, France

Hajime Watanabe, Japan

Jerzy, Poland

own MIDI-hardware one-off MIDI knob box

krisak's design