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This is complete set of magnetic contacts organized in diode matrix. If you have organ pedalboard, and look for easy way of adding MIDI to it, all you need is the following set, and matching controller. For standalone pedals with individual MIDI output you need to plug the PEDSCAN module. If the pedals are integral part of bigger console, you need the PDS board that connects to a master controller.

Magnets are always included as in the pictures below

It consists of 3 PCBs linked with ribbon cable, so it's easier to ship, but most of all they can be aligned in arc, which sometimes helps in radial pedals. Also, the boards can be bent to some extent, so concave pedals can also be MIDIfied with REED32.

In order to connect the boards together, pull out the black part of the connector as shown here:

then put the flat cable inside, blue side up, as in the photo below:

then slide the black part back fully, so it looks like this:

Finished link should look like this. There are 2 cables in one REED32 set to link 3 boards:

To order shorter version than 32 notes, please select proper one from drop-down list

For wider key spacing go to REED32WIDE. We can make custom spacing reed contact boards for any reasonable key spacing - from 15 to 40mm, and any number of notes, up to 64. Use the link below to discuss availability, prices and delivery timelines.


  • high quality, long life, magnet activated dust proof reed contacts
  • starting note - "C"
  • comes in 4 version for 25, 27, 30 and 32 notes
  • magnets included with the order
  • 33mm reed spacing, good for AGO and BDO standard
  • 12-pin vertical header to plug controller module
  • PCB width 35mm (1.4'')

Email for details