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On-line MINICV configurator can be found here

Want to MIDIfy the Monotron? Or Gakken, ASM1, MFOS? Here's solution for you.
MINICV is a micro MIDI to CV converter (MIDI2CV) that can fit anywhere. It's half the size of claimed to be the smallest in the world MIDImplant, and it's more or less the size of DIP14 IC socket. Covered range is 4 octaves (4V) with well maintaned precision, or user selectable 5 octaves (up to 5V) with not so great stability, for applications where it does not matter much. Only V/oct mode is available, and voltage trigger (V-trig).


  • 49 or 61 keyboard range
  • user tunable V/oct scale from 0.25 to 2V/oct
  • fast response, valid voltage 0.3ms after end of MIDI message
  • user settings possible with MIDI-learn button, or via MIDI System Exclusive
  • Gate output of V-trigger type. Gate ON user selectable 5V or 0V (reversed)
  • CV can be configured by user to change voltage in response to:
    • MIDI notes
    • MIDI pitchbend
    • any of 120 MIDI Continuous Controller, e.g. volume, modulation, etc.
    • Channel Aftertouch, and Polyphonic Aftertouch
    • MIDI Program Change
    • velocity in drum trigger mode, when it gives velocity voltage for one programmed note
  • dimensions: 17x12x4mm (0.7''x0.5''x0.16'')
Below is example graph of MINICV tuning errors in 4V mode. Horizontal axis range is 4 octaves. Errors do not exceed 1 cent (1/100 of a semitone)

Here you can find examples of MINICV use in analog synthesizers. Those are detailed instructions made specific to those instruments and MINICV as MIDI2CV interface. So far only 2, but the list here will grow:
How to MIDIfy minimoog using MINICV
How to MIDIfy Roland MC202 using MINICV

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