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This mini board is MIDI control electronics converting multiple keyboards, or potentiometers into MIDI. You may consider is as "the Brain" of your custom MIDI controller. It works with up to 4 chains of scanners for contacts, switches, voltages, and displays. So depending on chosen scanner boards you can MIDIfy up to 512 keys in 8 keyboards plus 64 potentiometers. Typical applications are MIDI controller for VTPO (Virtual Theatre & Pipe Organ) like Hauptwerk, MidiTzer, as well as custom MIDI controller surface for Ableton Live, or Reason and many others


  • 4 inputs for connecting keyboards or potentiometers scanner
  • user defined split point independent for each keyboard
  • user defined MIDI channel for each keyboard/split and pot
  • user defined MIDI event type for each keyboard/split and pot
  • user defined note range for each keyboard/split
  • Program Change via numeric keypad
  • all settings stored in nonvolatile memory
  • onboard MIDI DIN socket
  • requires 5-12V DC power supply, about 2-10mA current consumption depending on number of keys covered
  • dimensions: 36x36mm (1.4''sq)
  • more marketing talk

The board shown above has 4 connectors for scanners, one MIDI socket, and the small green screw terminal is for power supply. There are also 2 header pins for connecting the "EDIT" button, the one that alows to change every user setting of the board.

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