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This is reincarnation of POT32 discontinued in 2010. Apart from similar functionality it adds MIDI merging input, and more flexibility, thanks to new processor used. It takes 32 analog voltage sources and converts them into MIDI. Those may be potentiometers, or external voltages. There's also one scanner input, so it can be further expanded, up to 96 analog inputs, and 126 contacts (like keyboards). Typical application is MIDI controller for Ableton, Reason, and many more virtual instruments, DAWs etc.


  • MIDI merge input for stacking with your existing MIDI equipment
  • 32 inputs for potentiometers or external control voltages
  • 1 scanner input for connecting keyboards or potentiometer scanners
  • user defined MIDI channel for each analog input and keyboard/split
  • user defined MIDI event type for each analog input and keyboard/split
  • user defined split point for each keyboard
  • Program Change via optional numeric keypad
  • configurable via the KEYPAD or MIDI System-Exclusive messages
  • all settings stored in nonvolatile memory
  • MIDI DIN sockets on cable with connectors matching MPOT32
  • requires 5-12V DC power supply, current consumption widely depending on number and type of potentiometers and scanners used
  • small size: 69x29mm (2.7x1.1'')
  • more marketing talk

The MPOT32 master controller has 2 connectors for potentiometers (20-pin), 1 connector for scanners (4-pin), two for MIDI cables (3-pin), and green screw terminal block for power supply. Each black connector contains 16 analog inputs, and 2 pairs of +5/GND pins, usable when you want to use potentiometers - they are for end leads of the pots. Here's schematics for potentiometers connection. Both 20-pin headers have identical pinout:

With additional scanners the system can be freely upgraded to a larger one. There can be only one chain of scanners, so you can add 2 keyboard scanners, up to 6 potentiometer scanners, and to make user settings easier - the LCD module and keypad.
User settings are accessible via one of the following boards: KEYPAD, BBS-1K, DMS-2K or MIDI System-Exclusive messages.

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